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Experience yoga in an entirely new way. Combine form, function and LUXury in the pursuit of awareness, health, and happiness. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, YOGALUX caters to your ability, level and background. YOGALUX strives to bring inspiration and motivation to your yoga practice. Have fun!

The very best in state-of-the-art facilities, instruction and overall experience:
* 3,000 square feet; 2 studios accommodate 100+ students for special events, teacher training, etc.
* Solid (natural) wood flooring * Heated and humidified studios * Light & Air (operable windows)
* Live music events
* Luxury Amenities * Shower and locker rooms * Massage * Childcare



YOGALUX memberships entitle you to not only yoga, but all Fortis group classes are included with your membership, at no extra cost to you!


YOGALUX provides a space where anyone can enjoy balance, health, and tranquility through the practice of yoga.
YOGALUX is a place to let go of the stress of daily life; a place to find calm and tranquility. Let us guide you through your individual progression to reach whatever goals you desire. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, gain flexibility, or decrease your stress levels; YOGALUX can help you to reach your goals. Live in the moment, be present, and just breathe.

At YOGALUX, we are eager to learn, teach, grow with you and share what makes YOGALUX special. YOGALUX offers a variety of classes to suit your individuality and keep it fresh; we each come to the mat for different goals and needs. We don’t subscribe to the one size fits all “vanilla” approach where every class is the same.  Whether you need to sweat it out in one of our hot classes, get fit in one of our LUX Barre classes, or stretch and relax in our tranquil LUX Restorative or LUX Deep Stretch classes; YOGALUX has the class for you! Check out our broad range of classes and their descriptions here

Be Inspired at YOGALUX!

Sign up for any YOGALUX class online (click here to see our schedule), or just stop in and hop in a class! Bring a yoga mat, towel and we also suggest that you:

  • Come to class hydrated; drink several glasses of water during the day before you attend
  • Let your Instructor know of any injuries you have before class so they can help you in certain poses
  • Have fun! Our classes are not a competition. YOGALUX emphasizes the word “practice” for your own well-being.

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