Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

What Everyone is Saying:

“I have only wonderful things to say about the 200 hour intense summer program. On the first day, I was feeling timid and unsure if I would be a good fit to be a Yoga teacher. Where I have practiced the art of Yoga on and off for 15 years, I knew I loved it but was unsure I could actually teach it. Lauren and the rest of the staff here at Fortis Fitness and Yogalux really made the program obtainable and achievable. I really enjoyed how each workshop had a different instructor. The instructors that were chosen were phenomenal.They broke down each topic with ease and poise. I would come home from each day of  training, gushing to my family about all the exciting things I learned. My experience was very well-rounded and worth every moment I spent away from my family. I made new friends and found a new passion in life. By the end of the program I felt ready to teach and inspire!”

– Nicole R. 

“Words cannot accurately express how I feel about my teacher training experience at YOGALUX. This training was well rounded, extensive, and life changing. I LOVE that Lauren brought in experts on the different aspects of yoga, such as kundalini, anatomy, and the chakras. And, I love that we went on field trips to experience different studios and different instructing styles. All three of our main instructors, Lauren, Britanee, and Anna, were so knowledgeable and articulate, and really seemed to care about the growth of our own yoga practice, as well as, the development of our instructing skills. The best part is that Lauren’s support has not ended, even though the training has. She allows all of her students to attend her future training classes, without further charge, to promote continued education, writes letters of recommendation, and passes on information about studios that are hiring. I could go on and on. Bottom line, this training was simply outstanding and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice or to become an instructor!”


“The Yoga teacher training with Lauren Griffith was a deep, beautiful and personal experience. The women I met in my training are very dear friends today and we formed true authentic relationships with one another. The perfect word to describe the environment I was in was “Real”. The training opened my mind to empathy, compassion and passion which were areas I wanted to improve on. The training was different each every day with good healthy surprises that we adapted to very nicely. In San Diego we live in the Mecca of Yoga, so the field trips were the best you could find in the Yoga world. The guest speakers that shared their knowledge was an experience that can’t be explained. Lauren, as my guided teacher, is dedicated and has been supportive from the very beginning and continues to be an unconditional support system that I can rely on. I strongly recommend the YogaLux Yoga teacher training because the experience will provide you with a connection between your mind, body and spirit!”

– Michele

“For years I struggled with being unhappy in my corporate job and the second I found The Body by Lauren Yoga Teacher Training, my life changed forever. I finally felt like I was doing what I was meant to do and I could not be happier! Lauren’s energy and expertise is what makes this experience magical. You don’t just learn a set flow, you learn about Yoga and all the amazing aspects it has to offer. She brings in guest speakers that will open your eyes to so many different styles and studios so you can really find what style resonates with you. Lauren continues to be supportive even after the training with recommendations and guidance to ensure you transition to teaching smoothly. The training was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking to become an instructor or further their own practice.”

– Sophia 

“Wow! Where do I begin? The Body by Lauren Yoga Teacher Training is a major game changer. No, It’s a life changer!

From the time I was a young kid into adult hood I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. The day I found Fortis/YogaLux my life changed forever. I signed up to take Lauren’s Barre classes. Not only did my body change for the better, but I found something I actually enjoyed.

Lauren’s energy is amazing and she really knows her stuff. I had signed up to take her Barre Training and caught my first glimpse of the phenomenal knowledge she has to share. I had been taking Yoga classes with the incredible teachers at YogaLux and other places and had fallen in love with Yoga. So when the Yoga Teacher Training came up through Lauren I knew I absolutely had to be a part of it. Let me tell you, this was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Again her energy is incredible. I LOVE that she brings in experts in the various fields that we were studying. Each expert brought something amazing to the table. Between their knowledge and Lauren’s knowledge, each lesson was incredibly well taught and I learned something new and amazing each session. You really get in depth information and hands on learning and it is all FUN! I really feel empowered to take what I learned and share my love of Yoga with others. The cherries on top of all these incredible life changing training sessions are the amazing relationships you gain through all this. You are given tools and contacts to stay in touch with the other experts Lauren brings in AND Lauren herself. She doesn’t just leave you hanging after you graduate. She stays in contact with you and makes sure you feel ready and have what you need to move on and share you knowledge and love. Whether it’s just questions you have, a reference you need, job contacts..or just amazing encouragement. Lauren goes above and beyond. I definitely feel like I know more now about all different aspects of Yoga, than I ever have before.

If you are on the fence about taking the Yoga Teacher Training with Body By Lauren, Jump down and join in! You will not regret it.”


“Body by Lauren’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is something very special. Lauren makes her training so personal and is a leader in the Yoga/Fitness industry.  Lauren’s teaching style is very unique and she draws a crowd everywhere she teaches. Lauren’s passion for Yoga is heartfelt through the training process. The team of specialists involved in the training are wonderful and made learning so much fun. Lauren helped me to grow in confidence to graduate and be ready to teach even before I finished the course. The beautiful studio at Fortis/YogaLux is just amazing and also having the option of select hours for childcare is alone another bonus to the package. We sang, we danced, we ventured out of the studio for lunch and beach photo shoot not to mention all the great swag that came along throughout. After completing the course Lauren has been active in helping with job placement and following up with how I am feeling as new Yoga instructor.  What an honor it was to have been taught by Lauren and being a student of the Body By Lauren Yoga Teacher Training. I would highly recommend this course and can not get enough of the beautiful studio where its located. Thank you Lauren!”


“I would like to express my gratitude for the Lauren Huber-Griffith’s Yoga teacher training experience. Not only was it FUN, it provided such a well-rounded, challenging and motivating experience. I had difficulty finding a program that would be convenient – as I have two young children and a full-time job. Then Lauren appeared!! I learned about yoga, about my own teaching style, met amazing women, and so deeply enjoyed the physical, emotional and spiritual growth. I learned so much more than I anticipated and I’m eager share it and expand my knowledge of yoga even further. We had many experienced teachers who guided us through workshops, classes, etc. and taught us a variety of unique topics. As yogis in training, we appreciated all aspects offered by Lauren; yet the opportunity to practice teach was notably valuable. This built-in feature greatly helped us to become more comfortable teaching. With such a supportive, interesting and experienced group of instructors participating in the program, I feel well-prepared as I begin to connect with the community and share my own vision, love and experience. I met the most amazing yogis in Lauren’s program and suffice it to say that I miss them dearly. Largely as a result of Lauren’s unique style and professionalism, we became very close and even though the training is over, we continue to share a sense of community among us. If you are considering becoming an instructor or just looking to enhance your practice, I lovingly and highly recommend Lauren and her crew. I truly enjoyed the program and will miss you a lot!”