Love this gym!!!!! It’s very clean. The Daycare is very clean smells fresh and does NOT have carpet. The daycare staff are so nice to all the kids and very attentive. The staff at the front are always so welcoming and friendly. The hot yoga classes are awesome, teachers are great. This gym has it all, cycling, yoga, hot yoga, barre, weight room, cardio machines, cross fit type classes, showers. I’ll be a forever client.


-Suzette Loy

Suzette Loy

As a professional athlete Fortis is the ultimate place to workout. From the first class facility and equipment to the training and ice bath for recovery Fortis is one of the top places I’ve seen to workout in the country. I wish I had a place like this to train when I was younger.

James Darnell

San Diego Padres 2008-2013

Tampa Bay Rays 2014

James Darnell

I wanted give a mention to the Yoga/Barre Instructor Jessica! She is out of control amazing! I have taken a few yoga classes over the years and never have I experienced someone with such energy, enthusiasm and zest for what she does… I was nervous to attend a class I had never done before, Jessica introduced herself, gave an intro to the class, so you knew what to expect and continued her awesomeness throughout the hour. As a customer I truly value that you take the time to employ staff that is above and beyond in customer service as well as training. It truly sets your facility apart from the rest… Thanks for all you do!



Kenna Quiroga

Kenna Quiroga

Great place, great variety of classes, nice locker room and shower, all under one roof. I personally love the big fitness area with soft artificial grass and all the toys one needs to play and stay fit, such as TRX suspension training, battle ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc. I also love the hot yoga classes upstairs. Location is great and teachers are excellent.

Lucia Amaral

I used to go to Ignite Studio and I began there on the first day that it opened.  When I found out that it was closing and we were transitioning to Fortis/Yogalux, I was nervous about the change and not sure at first how I would feel about it.  I have been going to Fortis/Yogalux now for a few weeks and I love how warm the staff are to all of the students and receptive to everyone.  Something that I personally feel will benefit me is the wide variety of classes and the many choices in times to fit my busy schedule.  I also really like that it still has the hot yoga, which I love, but also the strength training classes are helping me to feel strong and trim!  My favorite thing to do is the sledgehammer with tire in Joelyn’s trx class!  The large studios make you feel like you have enough room to get a good practice or workout in and there is always an exciting new program going on each month.  So, the distance for me may be just a small bit extra, but it’s become convenient and it has fit into my schedule.  I feel like I am on a great path of health and wellness for myself and of course that is going to influence my family at home too!  I am grateful to all of the teachers there and the new ones to meet soon too!

Last night was my first time to your facility and it definitely lived up to the hype!! I’m so glad there is more than just yoga. I like lifting weights, having functional muscle strength, while still be flexible and I can get all of this at Fortis!

I must say I really enjoyed Zak’s Yoga class last night. It was challenging, yet relaxing. I don’t remember sweating that much or feeling the sore next the night of. Waking up this morning it felt like I lifted weights, but it was all from Yoga Flow! I’m excited about this facility and I hope more people hear about it! I’ll for sure spread the word!


Fortis & YOGALUX is my one stop shop for all things active. Not only is the facility state of the art, but the classes are diverse, challenging and accommodate my busy schedule. In addition, the staff and the instructors are top notch. I would recommend the studio to anyone who enjoys different types of exercise and even those who are new to yoga, spin and strength training!

I took my first class at Fortis & YOGALUX this week and loved it. The facility was immaculate and the instructor was knowledgeable. I am excited to start my membership there. The location was convenient, close to my office and my home in Bressi Ranch.