Group Training

Get Started Today! Group Training is another highly beneficial form of personal training, with the added benefit of a team atmosphere. Some people prefer one-on-one, while others appreciate the camaraderie of semi-private or group training.
Semi-private or Group Training benefits include the following:

  • More personal attention – Fortis trainers pinpoint technique and form and make corrections faster; and a library of exercises to challenge you and keep you coming for more.
  • Variety – Your Trainer or Coach is TRAINED to alter your workout style and intensity.
  • Enhanced focus – The client knows they not only have the Trainer watching them, but teammates are also rooting them on.
  • Group rate discounts apply.
  • More support and motivation– Solidarity and rivalry keep groups continuing to train.
  • Competition-based exercises – Compete against your personal best or against your teammate and win.
  • Staying on track – If your group is expecting you to show up, it holds you accountable, this just might be the extra motivation needed to KEEP YOU TRAINING! You wouldn’t standup a friend at coffee, so you won’t want to leave them hanging at a training session either.

Fortis’ Personal Training Studio has made it a priority to include the latest advanced training equipment. You won’t find the below just anywhere!

  • Noramco High Speed Treadmill (reaches 31MPH)
  • Pneumex Vibration Platform
  • Super Cat Squat and Jump Resistance Machine
  • Keiser Running Machine
  • Vertical Jump Mat (measures time off mat)
  • Ultraslide Slide Board
  • Laser Timing System (measures running speed OFF treadmill)
  • Nike Spark Hurdles
  • Vertimax Vertical Jump and Speed Training System
  • Tools for Hand-Eye Coordination
  • TRX wall
  • Sleds, Ropes, Weight Vests and more!
  • And a BIG ASS Fan to keep it comfortable while training

Simply put, the Personal Training Studio at Fortis is far and away the best training suite in North County. The space is limited to Training clients and it will never feel overcrowded like a big box facility. All of the training equipment and apparatus have been hand selected specifically to accommodate all levels of training, from the casual newcomer to the professional athlete accustomed to the very best equipment in the business. Training early and often is one key component when trying to develop young talented athletes into accomplished competitors. Youth Training is available in private, semi-private and group formats. Our trainers have the knowledge and experience to take your young athlete to the next level. Sport specific goals and training techniques are right up our alley. Group training is also great for non-athletes! Make it social with friends, co-workers and/or family. Find a time that suits your group, and schedule an appointment with a trainer! Our semi-private and group training rates offer more bang for your buck if you are looking for a cost efficient way to get some personalized attention. Bring your neighbor, bring your teammate (or whole team) and get there fast together. At Fortis, “Group Training” can include the following:

  • Adult group training (3 participants or more)
  • Sports performance small group training (3 participants or more)
  • Youth group training (3 participants or more, all under 18 years of age)

Our youth group training is designed to establish:

  • Core Strength
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Active-Assistive Flexibility
  • Development of Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
  • Functional Strength Exercises
  • Basic Weight Lifting Skills and Techniques
  • Implement Speed, Plyometric & Conditioning Basics

Stop by and meet our personal trainers. Bring in your friends and schedule some GROUP TRAINING today. Fortis and YOGALUX members save 10% on all training packages.

Get Started Today!