Fitness Assessment

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Each of our members is invited to receive an COMPLIMENTARY fitness assessment and consultation by a trainer. The assessment includes a series of tests, which are done through our Polar BodyAge System. Body tests include height, weight, blood pressure, body fat, and postural analysis. Strength tests include a bicep curl, crunch, push-up, wall-sit, and a sit and reach test.

Fortis’ initial consultation assessment also includes questionnaires related to stress, nutrition, and sleep patterns to help target specific improvement areas. Testing determines a “physical body age” which creates a starting point for each training program designed to lower body age to one’s true age. The system is a great tool in tracking one’s progress on paper, throughout the training program.

Basic Benefits of the Polar BodyAge Assessment System:

  • Evaluate clients current fitness level
  • Reveal members exercise history
  • Set short-term and long-term goals
  • Discuss current nutrition and provide nutrition plan
  • Review medical history
  • Observe imbalances, asymmetries, and restrictions the body may have
  • Prevent injury
  • Creates accountability
  • Enhances relationships with clients by tracking individual progress
  • Results are tangible

Call or email to set up your initial assessment with any one of our certified trainers.
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