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The one membership you need for Hot Yoga, Barre, Yoga-Sculpt, Boot Camp, Indoor Cycling and Personal Training. Over 50 classes weekly in 1 LUXury facility.

First Month of Classes + 2 Personal Training Sessions - $59

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We Keep It Simple

  • One Low Monthly or Annual All-Inclusive Membership
  • Spacious – 10,000 Square Feet
  • 5 Studios under one roof- Hot Yoga, Group Exercise, Indoor Cycling, TRX and Personal Training
  • LUXurious – No details have been overlooked, come check it out for yourself

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Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX offers its members the unique opportunity to enjoy Hot Yoga, Group Exercise, Indoor Cycling, Personal Training and TRX in one LUXury facility where the environment has been designed to make your workout more like a retreat. Whenever you can get away from your daily responsibilities, why not enjoy your workout with a little splash of style. From the moment you enter, you’ll experience the Fortis & YOGALUX difference. If “contemporary industrial chic” doesn’t work for you, how about just colorful, fresh, new and inviting! Fortis looks great, sounds great and is stocked with the best and latest equipment, but the absolute best part of the Fortis recipe has to be the Fortis & YOGALUX instructors and trainers. Professionally qualified, experienced, positive, encouraging, upbeat and service minded. You will never feel out of place with us – everyone is welcome, from the complete beginner to the professional athlete.


    Two heated and humidified YOGALUX studios operate independently of one another or combined for large class formats (100 people or more). We use the studios after hours for private events, family movie nights, charity fundraisers and whatever else any creative member might imagine.


Tone and sculpt your muscles with these low impact, high intensity classes!


    We have a wonderful indoor cycling studio which accommodates 20 cyclists. Get caught up in some of your favorite music to set some tempo to your workout.


    Use your own body weight and positioning as resistance in one of our TRX classes. A total body toning and cardio class jammed into one. TRX was developed on a Navy ship to give the men at sea a total body workout, you know it has to be challenging.


    Agility, balance, strength and coordination are surely influenced by genetics. At the same time, repetition of specific drill movements and techniques, i.e., bounding through a patterned obstacle course, is a proven means of developing the neuromuscular skills (“muscle memory”) for improved sports performance. Don’t worry, it isn’t a sweat box, we have a 20 foot Big Ass Fan, yes that is the brand name and yes it is that big.


    We watch your kids (but only if you’re in the facility) while you go and get your workout. Best of all, it’s free with some memberships or a low drop in or monthly price. Childcare is available for kids 12 weeks to 12 years.


    We’ve got the latest in workout wear and a loyalty rewards program that saves you bucks. Take your Perkville rewards and cash them in for retail or services. We just want to acknowledge your patronage and say thank you.

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Be Inspired and Be Strong.

Fortis & YOGALUX wants each and every one of your visits to be as pleasurable as we can possibly help to make it. Please let us know if there is something we can do to add a little harmony to your day and improve your experience with us. Drop in whenever you can steal away from your daily routine and responsibilities; we can’t wait to add you to our list of regulars! All classes, all studios, any time, seven days a week. There won’t be any hard-selling because your membership already gives you the latitude to pursue any and all Fortis & YOGALUX offerings. Personal training is the only dimension that you have to engineer for yourself – spend as much or as little as suits you – we’ve got the rest.

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